National Championship Show July 16th & 17th 2016
Lancaster Fairgrounds, Lancaster, NH

Class #                    Class Name

R01                           Restored Antique – Pre 67 Front Engine
U02                         Unrestored Antique – Pre 67 Front Engine
R03                         Restored Antique – Pre 67 Rear Engine
U04                        Unrestored Antique – Pre 67 Rear Engine
R05                        Restored Trail 67-73
U06                       Unrestored Trail 67-73
R07                        Restored Trail 74-78
U08                       Unrestored Trail 74-78
R09                       Restored Trail 79-85
U10                        Unrestored Trail 79-85
R11                        Restored Trail Muscle 69-74
U12                       Unrestored Trail Muscle 69-74
R13                       Restored Trail Muscle 75-85
U14                       Unrestored Trail Muscle 75-85
R15                       Restored Vintage Race 71 and older
U16                       Unrestored Vintage Race 71 and older
R17                       Restored Vintage Race 72-75
U18                      Unrestored Vintage Race 72-75
R19                      Restored Vintage Race 76-85
U20                    Unrestored Vintage Race 76-85
R21                     Restored I.F.S. 82 and older
U22                    Unrestored I.F.S. 82 and older
R23                    Restored Tunnel Mount Race Sled only 67-75
U24                   Unrestored Tunnel Mount Race Sled only 67-75
R25                   Restored Mini 67-85
U26                   Unrestored Mini 67-85
R27                   Restored Combo
U28                   Unrestored Combo
R29                   Restored 85 and older – kids up to age 16
U30                  Unrestored 85 and older – kids up to age 16
S31                    Open – Customs
S32                   Active Racing 84 and older – Fan, F/A, Liq.
S33                   Mini Bikes
S34                   Clone Class
S35                   Most Unique
S36                   Special Interest
S37                   People’s Choice Sled – 1 Trophy
S38                  People’s Choice Display – 1 Trophy
S39                  Best of Show/NATIONAL SHOW WINNER/Sunday Only – 1 Trophy
S40                  Best display Class Winners

SOME CLASSES MAY BE CHANGED AS NEEDED DUE TO TYPES OF SLEDS SHOWING. There must be 3 sleds minimum each class. Adjustments will be made so sleds with less than 3 in a class can be included in the program. Trophies will be distributed to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in all classes unless otherwise noted on this list.

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